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Gas Line Services

Gas Line Services in Raleigh

Many homes use gas furnaces to warm their homes and gas lines for kitchen and outdoor appliances. Gas lines are a very common and affordable form of energy for homeowners. You likely use one quite often for powering appliances, fireplaces, or grills. Normally gas lines are safe and efficient, but they come with their own potential set of problems such as carbon monoxide poisoning and gas line leaks. 
Gas line leaks are uncommon but are nonetheless very dangerous. Buildup of natural gas in an unventilated area can cause illness or explosion. These leaks can happen inside or outside of the home without regular service.

What We Can Do

Prevention of gas leaks is as simple as having a regular gas line inspection and ensuring correct installation of gas lines by licensed professionals. To protect your family, we recommend an annual inspection of your gas lines to prevent problems before it’s too late.

Gas Line Repair and Installation

Our experienced team is ready to help you with gas line leak prevention and other services. We are able to perform gas tests to determine whether your system has a leak. We use different methods to detect and locate gas leaks, and if a leak is found, we will give you options for the repair and keep you fully involved in the process. Once we receive your approval, we will repair the gas leak promptly. 
If you’re simply wanting to run gas to new areas of the house to power cooking appliances or outdoor kitchens, we have the know-how necessary to do that, too!
Call Services Unlimited Heating & Air if you’re concerned about a gas leak or need your gas line serviced in any way. Our qualified technicians will be at your service in no time.